Familiarizing VET Practitioners with Digital Economy challenges and solutions for Migrant Entrepreneurship

Unit 1 focuses on migrant entrepreneurship in the digital economy. You will explore key concepts, legal requirements, challenges and innovative solutions. Furthermore, you will discover the benefits of entrepreneurship in the digital age and its positive impact on the economy and local communities. This learning unit aims to provide a comprehensive understanding of the subject and equip learners for success in the dynamic world of migrant entrepreneurship.


Empowering Migrant Entrepreneurs in the Digital Economy

Through this unit, various aspects of entrepreneurship are explored, including cultivating an entrepreneurial mindset, fostering diversity and inclusion, and acquiring important skills such as leadership, time management and problem solving. In addition, the unit addresses team dynamics, fostering creativity for innovation, risk management strategies and developing resilience. The aim is to equip individuals with a comprehensive set of tools for entrepreneurial success.


Guiding Migrant Entrepreneurs to create viable businesses through the Digital Economy

This content provides a comprehensive range of entrepreneurial topics, including mentoring and advice on starting a business, the ethical aspects of business as well as developing and evaluating innovative business ideas. It will help identify markets and customers, build a digital presence for your project, set clear goals, develop a sustainable and profitable business model and understand the project management cycle.


Showcasing Entrepreneurship and business tools to migrants for success in the Digital Economy

Learning unit 4 covers a range of essential topics for modern entrepreneurs, including modern digital skills, e-commerce strategies, financial management techniques, business planning, human resources management and accounting principles. It provides insight into digital transformation and the effective use of digital tools for entrepreneurship and business success.


Marketing for Migrant Entrepreneurs in the Digital Economy

By the end of this unit, you will have a solid grasp of essential marketing concepts, diverse marketing strategies, the core principles encapsulated in the “4 Ps” of Marketing, the development of comprehensive marketing plans, leveraging marketing through social media, ethical considerations in marketing practices, effective communication and branding techniques, and the creation of customer journey maps for enhanced marketing insights and strategies.

Project Number: 2021-1-BE01-K220-VET-000033048
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